How Long Can Spiders Live Under A Glass

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First of all, I apologize if anything in the following post is against the rules.. I capture these little guys in a small glass jar when I spot them in my room and. How long can a spider of that size, or spiders in general if it's .
Just caught a huge spider in my house. He's in a PB jar that's sealed. I plan on releasing him in the AM. He won't die in there, will he?
It's walking around the rim of the glass with it's nasty little fangs out, like it's going to bite the shit out of me if I pick the glass up. Can spiders .
Some people keep them as pets and in captivity they can live up to four years. There was research done in France in which wolf spiders were drowned. They “came back to life” after being removed from the water to dry out (they can slip into a kind of coma for up to 40 hours).